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Mayor's Manor (or Elder's House) is a location in Chrono Trigger. Each manor houses him, his relatives, and servants.



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The Mayor's Manor in Truce, is where Crono can learn quick tutorials such as, how to use Techs, how to navigate battles, and how to save game data. The maid at the entrance informs Crono that it is okay to take the treasure found in the manor.


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In Porre, the Mayor is cheap. His obsession with money is so strong, his son says that his father loves him less than it.

Additionally, he gives Crono 10g if he spins around and clucks like a chicken. In the Sun Stone sidequest, the party will change the attitude of Mayor from greedy to charitable by giving Spiced Jerky to his ancestor in 600 A.D.


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The Mayor's Manor in Choras is of little significance. Except the people in there talk about the Ghost in the Northern Ruins. After the Hero's Grave sidequest is done, the people in the Manor will talk about Cyrus, and his friend Glenn.


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The Mayor's Manor (Elder's House as it is called) in Medina Village is where Ozzie VIII lives. After the Ozzie's Fort sidequest, a Blue Imp becomes the Mayor because Ozzie's descendant never would've been born. The statue in the town square is also removed.

Middle Ages[]

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The Mayor's Manor in the Middle Ages is not called Mayor's Manor, it is called Elder's House -- although the Medina Mayor's Manor is called the Elder's House in both Present and Middle Ages.

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