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Mel (メル Meru?) is the adopted daughter of Macha who lives in Guldove and has acquired a reputation as a tantrum-thrower in Chrono Cross.

"Wow! How pretty! This is mine and nobody else's! Finders keepers! I know, I know...! Not everything in this world goes the way I want it to..."
— Mel



Mel is a young and slender girl with orange pigtails, dark green eyes and freckles and a doubled necklace with a fish pendant. She wears a red bando and shorts under a sleeveless, light brown overcoat with a feathered bottom hem and a brown, white and red pattern. She wears a braided belt, doubled bracelets on each arm, and tripped anklets on each leg, along with flip-flops that are all light purple.



SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Her origins are unclear but she was adopted by Macha and soon developed a liking for her sibling Korcha. She constructed her own crafts in the lower part of the residential tower and practices her skills in combat. When Serge and Kid came to Guldove to heal from the Hydra poison, she mischievously snatched Kid's Elements and hid. Korcha and the others soon found her, and though she was upset at first, Kid eventually spoke to her and convinced her to join the party. Mel was rumoured to be insecure about Korcha, afraid that he would not reciprocate her liking him. Mel then accompanied Serge on his travels.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Mel says goodbye to Serge, promising to become a good girl to everyone.



If you choose to save Kid after she was poisoned, choose to search for Mel after she steals Kid's elements. Talk to Mel with Kid in your active party after Korcha has joined your party permanently.


  • Learns Snatch
  • Learns Double Tech
  • Highest magic power of Yellow innate characters


  • Generally Low Stats
  • Few element slots at all grid levels

Techs Skills[]


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