Melchior's Cabin
Melchior's Hut
Melchior's Hut
Time Period Present
Notable Inhabitants Melchior

Melchior's Cabin is a location in Chrono Trigger during the Present. As its name suggests, it is Melchior's residence. He was transported here sometime before the Ocean Palace Incident.


Located south of Heckran Cave and west of Medina, the player first arrives at this location prior to their first visit to the End of Time. Here, Melchior advises them to prepare for the terrible Fiends in the cave ahead, as the cave is the only transport back to Truce from this island. As a master swordsmith, Melchior will also sell valuable weapons and items to the player (see below).

After retrieving the Broken Blade from Denadoro Mountains, Crono and his friends return to Melchior's Cabin to learn how to repair the mythic sword. He sends them millions of years into the past to retrieve Dreamstone, a rare mineral from which the sword was originally forged. Returning with the sample and the Broken Hilt of the blade, Melchior, with the aid of Lucca, fixes the sword in the basement of his cabin.

Melchior's WaresEdit

Item Cost
Crimson Blade 4500g
Bandit's Bow 2850g
Plasma Gun 3200g
Hammer Arm 3500g
Titanium Vest 1200g
Tonic 10g
Mid Tonic 100g
Panacea 10g
Shelter 150g
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