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Miguel is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. He is the ill-fated father of Leena in Home World and a friend of Wazuki who is now known as Lynx.


Miguel is the ill-fated father of Leena and Wazuki's friend. His origin is unclear, but he got married and settled in Arni, fathering Leena and serving as a good friend to Serge's family. When Serge was bitten by a panther demon in 1006 A.D., Miguel accompanied Wazuki on his quest for the medicine of Marbule. After they were blown off course, Miguel expressed serious reservations about entering Chronopolis. Wazuki insisted, and Miguel followed to the Frozen Flame. Though Wazuki and Serge escaped the resulting chaos as Chronopolis' defense systems reactivated with the passing of Schala's magnetic storm, Miguel was not so lucky, and was held prisoner for four years. When the dimensions split, the Another World version of him died with the appearance of the Dead Sea; FATE subsequently stationed the version of him in Home World as a guard to protect the Frozen Flame at the core of the Dead Sea. There, he waited ten years in the frozen world. He was relieved at last when Serge arrived to take the Flame; Miguel, as its guardian, was forced to fight him, but was able to evoke Serge's sincerest will to solve the riddle of his life. As he lay defeated, he encouraged Serge on his journey, and was soon consumed by the destruction of the Dead Sea by FATE.

Boss Battle and Boss Strategy[]

Miguel's own basic attacks where he fights in bare fists. He is the most tricky character before Sky Dragon as a boss character. Miguel usually carries all White Elements such as PhotonBeam, AntiBlack, WeakMinded, StrongMinded, MeteorStorm and HolyLight. The most lethal move that Miguel uses is his own skill is the HolyDragSwrd known as Holy Dragon Sword where he forms a holy sword blade on his right hand and stabs in each party dealing more heavy damage. He can also knock out his opponents within this move if he faces Serge in Lynx's body or other characters who were innate with black elements that can deal more critical damage.

Miguel can be very difficult to defeat due to his usual strategy of attacking Serge and his party with his White Elements repeatedly. Healing or Revive Techs are enough to use to revive anyone who were knocked out or healing everyone from being heavily injured on Miguel's HolyDrgSwrd. Once Miguel gets in critical he will utilize both MeteorStorm and HolyLight once before he returns to his usual strategy. In order to get both powerful Techs, trapping him is the only way to obtained them both in order to survive the fight, allowing them to defeat Miguel once and for all.



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