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Mojo (ラッキーダン Rakkī Dan?, for Lucky Dan), also known as Mojoy, is a cursed doll made in the Far East in the world of Chrono Cross. In the original version, he ends some words and sentences with '-om', while in the remastered version he doesn't do so nearly as often.

"True love is-om here...? Love is-om immortal... Love is-om eternal... Love is-om illusion...? That can' true ...Even if it is-om so., I'll continue-om to convey-om true love to all..."
— Mojo



Mojo is humanoid in shape, except made of bundles of hay tied off with rope. He sports an enormous, notched nail through the center of his torso that's visible through his back. He has a jovial smile and button-like black eyes underneath a crown of thicker rope that holds 3 candles that are always lit.



Mojo was worshiped by Kiki's Dad in Arni Village as a lucky charm that professed true love to all. While worshipped, he remained inanimate, though, during a visit to Kiki's father by Serge, he sensed Serge's unique purpose in the world. He sprung to life, affirming that he was indeed a charm standing for true love and happiness, and joined the party, maintaining a bright attitude. While in Termina of Home World, he found his long-lost brother - another straw doll, propped up in front of Dario and Glenn's old home as a practice dummy for swordplay. Mojo confessed that he was unsure of his purpose and that the nail within his chest stood for hate.

Later during another visit to Kiki's father, he revealed his true purpose to Serge and the other party members. He was intended as a cursed doll, and only carried hate. He decided of his own from then on, he would be a propagator of love as he truly desired. This allowed him to use his final technique HoodooGuroo, and also recharged his outlook on life. To reflect the change, he altered his name to Mojoy.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Mojo was happy for Serge, claiming he would do his best in his role as a messenger of love and courage, departing back to Home World.



Get the Shark Tooth by talking to the fisherman in his basement in Arni Village (Home World). After meeting Kid at Cape Howl, give it to his counterpart in Arni Village (Another World) and Mojo will then join the party as they leave the room.


  • Highest Evasion of all characters


  • Generally Low Stats

Tech Skills[]

  • VoodooDance - 3 Stars
  • CartWheel - 19 Stars
  • HoodooGuroo - Take Mojo to the fisherman's house in Home World, then return to Another World and speak to Lasey, Aurey, and Lickey the cat statues in that order with Mojo leading the party.



  • Masato Kato said Mojo was the first bonus character he conceived, claiming it reflected his fandom of horror and that Mojo's recruitment is his favorite event in the game, considering it "a bit of a unique story, and the characters themselves are very special."

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