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Mud Imp
Mud Imp - Raspberry.gif
Japanese Name Mudeater Tamer (ドロクイ使い Dorokui Tsukai?)
SNES / PS Name Mud Imp
HP Defense Magic Defense
1200 250 80
354 10 1000
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Mudbeast Den (12000 BC)
Treasure None
Charm Speed Capsule
Techs Pebble Punt
Sleep Bubble / Sleep
Counters None
Combo Counters Cross Charge
Combos Left Charge
Right Charge

Mud Imp is a boss in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Mudbeast Den in the year 12000 BC.

He fights together with Red Mudbeast and Blue Mudbeast, Healing both mudbeasts and himself if damaged, so it's optimal to kill him first. An effective strategy is to use Lucca's Hypnowave to put both mudbeasts to sleep. while he does have high defense, it doesn't take long to get him with magic attacks.

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