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Mystic Mountains
Mystic Mts.png
Mystic Mts.
Time Period 65000000 BC
Chapter(s) Played In The Rare Red Rock

The Mystic Mountains are a location in Chrono Trigger and a mountain chain in Prehistory. The first time Gate into this time period is located here. Kilwalas and Leapers inhabit this location. One Berserker Ring is found in a chest along the cliff.


Seeking the rare and precious Dreamstone to repair the Masamune, Crono and the others travel millions of years into the past, the last known time period containing the stone. When the party first arrives through the Pillar of Light at the End of Time, they are ambushed by Reptites. Fighting off a few, they are quickly overpowered. A strange woman running on all fours arrives at the scene and defeats the hoard. After which, Ayla, the strange woman, congratulates the party on their strength, especially Crono, with whom she seems quite fond.

Shortly after, Ayla invites the party to Ioka Village for a feast. From this point on, the party is able to use the Time Gate by jumping off a cliff near the mountain's summit.

Musical Theme[]


  • Kino is said to have been found here as a baby.