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"There is no meaning to my existence... Other life-phorms are born naturally, then raised to adulthood, give birth to ophspring, then die... Perhaps I am like that, in a way..."
— NeoFio

NeoFio (改良種フィオ Kairyōshu Fio?, lit. "Improved seed Fio") is the sprightly, sometimes moody creation of Luccia in Chrono Cross.



Neofio is a short, humanoid girl with leaves for eyebrows and what appears like a blue bonnet/swimming cap that breaches at the back of her head as a large pink flower. She has large blue eyes, and has a shy, blushing look to her. On her body she wears an oversized, striped, orange jumper that hides her tentacle-like arms, but reveals her undefined green legs and feet. Near her neck she wears a sunflower-like brooch.



Planted in the year 1015 A.D., NeoFio grew for five years before receiving life thanks to the Life Sparkle that was retrieved from the Hydra Marshes by Serge. Upon awakening, NeoFio immediately displayed intelligence and grasp of language, thanking Luccia for creating her and deciding to journey with Serge. After Porre seized control of the Manor, NeoFio waited around Hermit's Hideaway when not with Serge directly. She also made good friends with Turnip, who shared her condition of being a sentient plant.



Find the Life Sparkle in Hydra Marshes (Another World) and bring it to the pool at the top of Viper Manor (Another World).


  • Learns Double Tech


  • Generally Low Stats

Tech Skills[]



  • NeoFio's name may be constructed from the particle "neo", which indicates something new, and fiore, the Italian word for "flower". This could be a reference to her status as a created life-form. It is also interesting to note that fio, in Latin, may mean "I become" or "I am made", both of which are also appropriate to the way she was created.


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