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"Marvelous... It's a truly marvelous tone... It brings out light and darkness within me clearly!"
— Nikki

Nikki (スラッシュ , Surasshu?) is the rocking bard lead man of the Magical Dreamers music group in Chrono Cross. He is also the son of Fargo and Zelbess, the nephew of Irenes, and the older brother of Marcy.



Nikki is a slender yet muscular man with greased red hair that is black at the root, and blue eyes. He wears blue lipstick, and several belts and straps across his body in opposing colors of red and black. On his shoulders he wears a pink boa, and a pauldron on his right shoulder. He has long nails, and wears a belt and buckle as a choker around his neck. His pants appear leather or vinyl, each pant being red (right side) or black (left side), ending in different kinds of heeled boots.


Nikki is ambitious to become a rock star and eventually created a musical group called Magical Dreamers along with Miki after being complimented by Lucca. In battles, Nikki uses his signature electric guitar as his main weapon of choice, shown when he strikes the heads of his opponents when using the GrandFinale Tech. Unlike Marcy who inherits both Fargo's temperament and fierceness, Nikki inherits magical and musical prowess from his mermaid mother and aunt, Zelbess, and Irenes respectively. Nikki is also able to convince fellow Demi-Humans like Razzly after they rescue her from the Pentapus, that they are allies.

Nikki's dimensional counterpart contrasts his ambitious personality; where he is both serious and determined, similar to Fargo's dimensional counterpart. In this version of himself, he is seen taking more of a stand to support his half Demi-Human origins in Marbule.


Nikki is the son of Fargo and Zelbess. Born to the happy couple, he enjoyed relative peace as an infant in their home until disaster struck around 1011 A.D., when the falling out between Viper and Fargo occurred and caused the death of his mother and separation from the family. While out on his own, Nikki developed the ambition to become a rock star to express his ideas and dreams. His former suffering and current situation as a boy forced him to find his own way in life, contributing to his credibility and skill in crafting emotive and meaningful music. He eventually met Miki, and together they created their colorful act. At first, no one accepted their look or music, as Nikki wore radical makeup and clothes and tried to convey deep messages in his music. The group could not break the top 100 and nearly quit. Lucca stopped by their trailer one day and told Nikki that she admired their music, for it sang the song of the "Magical Dreams." Nikki re-titled the group after this compliment, renaming it the Magical Dreamers, and unabashedly pressed on in establishing himself in the music world. He soon became popular and continued to stress deeper meaning in his music. He also continued to look for his lost family members, of whom he always remembered. A particularly ardent Nikki Fan would hang around outside his dressing room on the Magical Dreamers ship.

Nikki was slated to play at the Viper Festival in 1020 A.D. but the break-in at Viper Manor cancelled the proceedings. Nikki took part in the infiltration, going off on his own the day of the raid in Shadow Forest. There, he met Serge and his party, who were also traveling through the area. Nikki joins the party with the intention of finding his sister Marcy. They forged ahead through Viper Manor's plumbing system, eventually arriving at the bottom of a well, where they stayed the night. While in the Manor, Nikki saw Marcy, but she would not accept that he was her big brother. Nikki eventually met his father Fargo as well while traveling with Serge where the two did not share any sentimental moments, but fought together proudly. After Serge regained his body, Nikki finds his dimensional counterpart and learns to play his mother's song: The Song of Marbule.

Nikki ultimately lent his stinging tones to the battle against the Time Devourer. Following its defeat, he thanked Serge and welcomed him to their band, Magical Dreamers.



After going through Fossil Valley (Another World), watch the scene in Termina regarding the statue polisher. After this, you'll need a guide to infiltrate Viper Manor. Go down to the docks and onto the large green ship. Talk to Nikki's manager and his co-star Miki will want you to help find him in Shadow Forest. Go there and head inside; three screens in, save him from some Cassowaries and he'll join in a cave there. Guile and Pierre CANNOT join if Nikki does, however in new game+ Nikki can join the party with both Guile and Pierre.


  • Large Element Grid
  • Learns Double Tech


  • Low HP Defence

Tech Skills[]

  • GrandFinale - 3 Stars
  • ChillOut - 19 Stars
  • LimeLight - Take Nikki from Another World to meet his Home World counterpart.
  • Flamenco (Dual Tech) - LimeLight & DanceOnAir (Miki)



As a rock star, Nikki wears flamboyant clothing and scarves, as does Nikki Sixx: it is assumed his name in English no doubt stems from this. Additionally, his Japanese name, Surasshu or Slash, may be a reference to Slash from Chrono Trigger, or the guitarist, Slash, from Guns N' Roses. The latter is more likely since the Japanese name for the character Slash, is Soysau (Soysauce).

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