Nizbel II
Japanese Name Nizbel R (ニズベールR Nizubēru R?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
6500 127 50
880 15 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Tyranno Lair (65000000 B.C.)
Treasure None
Charm Third Eye
Techs Charge
Nizbel Charge
Electric Discharge
Counters Hit
Nasal Gas / Poison
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Nizbel II is a boss in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Tyranno Lair in 65000000 B.C.. This Nizbel is stronger than the first one.

"The great Nizbel was defeated here!"
— Nizbel II

Boss Battle Strategy[edit | edit source]

Like many enemies in this era (such as Reptites) it takes little physical damage normally, but if hit with a Lightning-related attack it becomes "shocked" and its defense is temporarily lowered. Similar to the Jugglers found in Magus' castle, when it is hit by a physical attack, it raises its physical defense (unlike the Juggler, it does not appear to do this with magic attacks.)

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