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"If I take this with me back to Porre, there will be even more bloodshed. And yet, it will give us enough power to withstand the other major countries. Is that all I have really desired this whole time...?"
— Norris

Norris (イシト , Ishito?) is a character in Chrono Cross and is commander of the feared Black Wind unit of the Porre military. He is a fair and impartial leader.



Norris has combed-over, dirty-blonde hair with bangs on the left side of his face, and blue eyes. He wears a Porre military uniform consisting of a black jacket that ends around his waist, has shoulder pads, a collar, and the Porre emblem on the breast. Underneath his jacket he wears a bright blue jumpsuit that is tailored with several defining darts, tailoring his upper body. There are wide belts worn around his chest, to holster his gun, and another around his hips for alternative storage. He wears black boots, tipped with metal and metallic shin guards, along with brown leather gloves.


Norris is seen as stoic and very serious, being focused on his missions. He maintains these features upon seeing his dimensional counterpart in Another World, where he corrects his other self about Serge(in Lynx's body) and the true Lynx's plans, causing him to never follow Lynx's direct orders again. Norris is also knowledgeable about computers and electricity which he uses his electric engineering skills for good use.


Born in the heart of the militaristic empire of Porre, Norris was known for being stolid and idealistic, performing to high expectations and maintaining a high standard of excellence. Additionally, he studied electrical engineering. He was promoted several times at a young age, eventually becoming a leader of the Black Wind unit. Norris brought a unique style of leadership to his troop, though some soldiers disliked Norris's tendency of being honest, to be unflattering.

Norris lived by his own moral code, acting in the year 1017 A.D. to destroy Grobyc at a Porre laboratory rather than let the killing machine be unleashed upon the outside world with the ancient super weapon StrongArm. The resulting explosion killed Luccia's brother, though Grobyc escaped unscathed. Around the same time, Norris was dispatched to spy on the Acacia Dragoons after reports came in from Lynx that the Frozen Flame existed in El Nido. Norris found that General Viper was in search of it as well, and was soon called back to Porre, where he heard that Viper and the others had disappeared. He continued to tirelessly perform his duties until 1020 A.D., at which point Porre high command learned that Viper had gone to the Dead Sea three years ago.

Norris was dispatched to El Nido once more, where he came into contact with Serge(in Lynx's body) and Radius and quickly joined their party, eager to see the Dead Sea for himself. Norris eventually found an operational computer in the Dead Sea and used his knowledge of electrical engineering to activate it, giving the party Lithosphere Investigation Report #27. During their trip, Porre invaded Another World and subjugated Viper Manor. When Serge's party returned, they found the Norris of Another World, who provided Norris with his ultimate technique, "TopShot" detailing Lynx's plan to his dimensional partner before departing. Norris viewed the Porre military's actions as abhorrent and was also shocked to find Grobyc fully operational. He helped Serge thwart the Porre army and the killing machine. Later, he joined Serge in the final effort against the Time Devourer, though he was briefly tempted to take the Frozen Flame for Porre's use, as his exposure to it made him question what he truly desired and why he fulfilled his role in the Porre army.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Norris calmly bids farewell to Serge who is about to depart back to Home World.



When Serge(in Lynx's body) visits the Viper Manor Ruins, Norris realizes that the feline Demi-human is not the real Lynx and offers his assistance to Serge and the party.


  • High Strength
  • Learns Double Tech


  • Small Element Grid
  • Weak Single Techs

Tech Skills[]



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