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Omega Flare is a Triple Tech that is used by Lucca, Robo and Magus in Chrono Trigger. It's learned once they learn Flare, Laser Spin and Dark Bomb respectively. Deals supreme Shadow elemental damage to all enemies. It's generally considered the strongest of the special Triple Techs thanks to the superior stat scaling and the use of Flare in the damage calculation.

It is one of the two Triple Techs that involves Magus, the other is Eternal Darkness. Omega Flare requires one of the three characters participating in this Tech to have the Blue Gemstone equipped.


It is recommended to equip Lucca with the Golden Stud, as it greatly reduces Flare's MP cost. This can increase the number of uses of this Tech, and helps save Ethers and Elixirs. If the player wants to increase the power of this technique, they just have to equip Lucca with the Sunglasses or the Prism Spectacles, which increase the power of Flare (one of the required Techs of Omega Flare). It is also recommended to use this Tech on enemies or bosses that are very weak to the Shadow element.

In the DS and Steam versions, the power of Omega Flare can be greatly increased if the player equips Lucca with the Prism Spectacles, Magus with the Master's Crown, and the Prism Spectacles, and Robo with the same helmet, and the Blue Gemstone, along with a fairly high Level (60 or higher). This combination will make this Tech extremely powerful, dealing damage around 8200 to 9999 points, especially if the enemy is very weak to the Shadow element.

Lucca can also be equipped with the Reptite Dress, which temporarily increases Lucca's magic by 10 points, making Omega Flare even more powerful. Lastly, it is recommended to equip her with the Angel's Tiara, as it will not only protect her from all negative statuses, but also grant her the Haste effect permanently during a battle.


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