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Orcha (オーチャ Ōcha?) is a character in Chrono Cross, and is a robust, rough chef hailing from Guldove who worked as the primary cook in Viper Manor for the Acacia Dragoons. In Home World, his brother Belcha owns and cooks for a restaurant in Arni.

"The one that's hidin' within me is not '"another me"'... It's just another '"part of me."' I am who I am... Including my dark side. It isn't right to think of my other side as a separate entity whom I can criticize... Rather, I must accept who I am as a whole..."
— Orcha



Orcha is a thick, muscular man with brown hair on his beard, that carries to behind his head, but is bald on top, where he wears a white chef hat with red trim. He carries an enormous wok on his back, strapped to his chest with a large yellow and brown belt and buckle. Besides the strap, there is naught else on his upper body except a red neckerchief around his neck. He wears red pants, with a white fabric belt that ribbons in the back, and holds two cleavers at his hip, and an Acacia Dragoon emblem on a fabric flap at the front. He wears bandages along his ankles and feet.


Orcha is a chef of good nature and is loyal to the Viper Manor family. Like Korcha, he also speaks the word "Cha" as the last word of sentences. When he became the Hell's Cook under the Porre army due to his darker side for being gluttonous, he became briefly insane and attempts to butcher and cook his enemies. After being defeated by Serge(in Lynx's body), Orcha regains his senses and blames himself and his gluttony for being used by the Porre army.

Of his family, Orcha is very close to his brother Belcha who owns a restaurant in Arni Village in Home World, calling him "bra" instead of "bro" and compliments him for refining his tastes when making a new recipe, leading him to learn his final technique, DinnerGuest. Orcha also shows his love of food competition when he competes with his brother.


Growing up in a family of chefs, his brother Belcha, moved to Arni to open a diner, where perhaps he assisted in cooking. He eventually finds work with the Acacia Dragoons, preparing food and rations for them every night. He is known to have a dark side and gloats at times. Before the Porre invasion of Viper Manor, he temporarily works with a chef-in-training (in actuality, Norris, a spy). After the Porre officers arrived, they saw Orcha's moody bouts and exploited them by giving him Quadffid Seeds and using a special bell to bring out his darker side. He nearly tortures and kills Riddel in her interrogation, but fortunately, he is beaten by Serge and his party. Feeling remorse for his actions, he joins Serge and fights alongside him, eventually visiting his brother again in Home World.

After defeating the Time Devourer, Orcha says goodbye to Serge, telling him that he's always welcome and he'll greet him with great food.



Orcha joins the party after Riddel is rescued and Hell's Cook is battled.


  • Good Strength
  • Good Magic Power


  • Few High-Level Element Slots
  • Very Low Magic Defence

Tech Skills[]



Orcha's name is portmanteau of "or" and "cha", the former is the Germanic word for bear (ur) and the latter is a speech mannerism common to those who hail from Guldove.

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