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"You will soon find your missing counterpart..."
Fortune Teller in Termina to Orlha

Orlha (オルハ Oruha?) is a character in Chrono Cross and is the fist-fighting barkeeper of Guldove; a strong woman skilled in the art of combat.



Orlha is a dexterous woman with long, blonde hair worn in long pigtails that are cut flat at the ends. and bangs that are longer towards the sides and short towards the middle. She wears a short, bright green tunic on her shoulders, a red neckerchief, an emerald green thigh-length, low cut dress that has a large ornate design along the hem. The dress is layered with a silver-coloured "warrior" type belt that accentuates her figure. Underneath her dress she wears tight leggings with a crisscross patterned stitch of blue and light blue. She wears large reddish-brown boots and gloves that each have a grey trim respectively. Orhla wears a sapphire coloured gem around her neck.



She originally lived with her family in El Nido, including her sister Tia, but an unknown tragedy occurred that separated them, leaving her with only her father. Orlha learned to fight as she grew up, gaining reputation as a strong combatant. She then took over the bar in Guldove, serving drinks while wondering about her sister. She felt her sister was alive, though perhaps part of another world. She kept a Sapphire Brooch on her, a reminder of the day of the tragedy, in which it split in two (one half going to her sister). She continued to live optimistically despite her loss.

When Doc came to her bar while Kid reeled from poison, she urged him to forget the past and press on. Later, when Porre invaded El Nido, she fought them out of Guldove with her bare hands, only succumbing to Serge's party after they arrived. Orlha then gave Serge(in Lynx's body) her brooch, so that after Serge regained his body she would know it was him. Once Serge achieved this end, Orlha accompanied him on his quest, eventually going to Doc's Clinic in Home World. There, she found Tia, mentioning that she was meeting her sister for the first time, she shared a teary moment. Tia told Orlha that she had just awoken from a long dream and in her dying breath, she gave her the other half of the brooch, and it became a complete Blue Brooch once again. As Orlha departed, Tia appeared to her as a spirit, and claimed she would always be with Orlha, where she then learned her final technique: "SisterHoods."

After defeating the Time Devourer, Orlha thanks Serge for letting her aid him and that although they are from different worlds, she would never forget him, and departed back to Home World.



Main article: Orlha (Boss)

Defeat Orlha in Guldove (Another World) as Lynx. After Serge returns to the party, give the Sapphire Brooch to her, and she will join the party.


  • Very High Strength
  • High Defence


  • Few High Level Element Slots
  • Low HP
  • Low Magic Power

Tech Skills[]

  • MultiPunch - 3 Stars
  • PunchDrunk - 15 Stars
  • SisterHoods - Take Orlha to see her sister at Doc's clinic in Home World.



Orlha stems from the Irish name, Órfhlaith, which translates to "golden princess". This fact seems to refer to Orlha's hair color.


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