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Pelvic Bone
Pelivc Bone.jpg
Description Even from the pelvis, you can see this person had good posture. It is important to have good posture!

The Pelvic Bone is an item in Chrono Cross. It is yet another piece of Skelly encountered in the party's travels and is need to reconstruct Skelly. In conjunction with this item, Angry Scapula, Good Backbone, Heavy Skull, Mixed Bones, and the Sturdy Ribs are need to reconstruct Skelly.


  • Found at: Guldove (Another World)
  • Use: Collect all six of the skeletal parts and take them to Skelly's Grandmother in Termina (Another World). Skelly will be reassembled.
  • Acquired: Speak with the material trader just outside of Doc's hut. Whether the player trades anything with the vendor or not, they will be offered the Pelvic Bone.