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The Pentapus (officially known as Madame Pentapus) is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross. After defeating it, Razzly joins the party.


After using the Beeba Flute in Hydra Marshes to call the Wingapede, Serge has the option of feeding it Ancient Fruit. If Ancient Fruit is not fed to the creature, a battle commences. After the battle, the floor of the Marsh crumbles. Falling down, the party finds Pentapus blocking a caged Faerie. The creature attacks if Serge attempts to free the caged creature.


Pentapus uses several dangerous elements that allow it to attack single units multiple times. Hexahitter, as indicated by the prefix Hexa- (which means "six") hits a single target six consecutive times for approximately thirty damage each. Whop strikes an enemy twice for the same amount of damage. Pentapus' ordinary attacks also strike for heavy damage and strike approximately twice per attack. When attacked with RedElements, Pentapus eagerly recoils with its own arsenal of extremely potent Elements, which have the capability to reduce a party member's Hit Points to zero in one move. To easily defeat Pentapus, bring along a Blue Innate such as Korcha or Pierre, and a Red Innate, such as Greco. Keep party members at high health and exploit all physical attacks as much as possible, especially with the Red Innate and Serge. Dash&Slash is a must. So long as the party sticks to physical attacks and avoids the use of Red Elements, the battle will run smoothly.

Name Origin[]

Pentapus is a mollusk with five tentacles. Penta- the prefix for five and -pus, the suffix used for mollusks such as octopi, assist this statement.

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