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Pin-UpGirl Tech.png
Luccia uses Pin-UpGirl
Type Magic
Color Black
Allocation Level 3±3
Target Single Enemy
User Luccia
Description Practice the pinning of a specimen on your foe

Pin-UpGirl is a tech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 3 boss stars, Luccia practices the pinning of specimen on a single target. When cast, she leaps into the air and tosses several surgical pins into the selected enemy. After the pins lodge into the target, they explode.

Name Origin[]

Not only could this technique refer to surgical pins used to tack arms and legs of specimen down in the process of dissection, but a "Pin-Up Girl", like a bromide, is a poster of a female posing provocatively. Also worthy of mentioning is, Luccia seems to take very good care of her hair, so these pins may, in fact, be hairpins.