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Pip (ツマル Tsumaru?) is the latest lab experiment of Luccia. He is a creature that evolves from combat experience in Chrono Cross.

"I am evowving! And will keep on evowving... But what I tuwn into, nobody can tell..."
— Pip



Tiny, round and chubby, Pip has blond fur and a pink curl of hair atop his head. Under his chin is a bell and another patch of pink fur. Turned downward, his ears resemble those of lambs or some types of bunnies. He sports bipedal hind paw-like legs, with his arms branching from his round sides. Also blond, he has a thick curly tail.

While in angel-form and devil-form, Pip's fur turns pink, he sprouts small, cute, cartoon-ish wings in the former, and horns in the latter. As an archangel, Pip's fur is white along with his wings (which grow larger and more defined), and as an arch-devil, his fur becomes a lavender hue, his horns extend similarly to a ram's, and miniature bat wings sprout from his shoulders. In his Holy Beast form, Pip has white fur, retains his arch-devil horns (although curled and ram-like) and his wings change to incorporate hues of green and violet and bear patterns similar to those of butterflies.



After his creation, Pip possesses a working intellect and grasp of language, and a desire to see more of the world, having spent most of his life in a cage in Luccia's lab. Released by Serge on the night of the infiltration of Viper Manor, Pip boards the S.S. Invincible to broaden his horizons. Serge later finds him there when the Ghost Ship spills undead creatures onto the Invincible's decks, where he joins the party. After Serge and Lynx swap bodies due to the magic of the Dragon Tear, Pip joins the party once more, noting that it's "the inside that counts...". After defeating the Time Devourer, Pip decided to continue traveling in Home World, telling "Sergiekins" farewell.



While in Viper Manor (Another World), unlock Pip's cage in Luccia's lab. Aboard the S.S.Invincible, Serge finds him again, hiding amidst the cargo: chase him around the room and he eventually asks to be left alone. Sensing that this may be an opportunity to explore the world, he joins the party. Oddly enough, he seems to hold no grudge against Luccia for imprisoning him and even ignores (or otherwise does not recognize) her if she is present when he joins.

Unlike most of the other characters that travelled with Serge prior to the body switch, Pip can be re-recruited by talking to him again on the S.S. Invincible once the player can get there.


Pip has the unique ability to "evolve" throughout the course of the game depending on which Elements are used by him and on him. Black, Red, or Yellow elements evolve him into a miniature devil, while White, Green, or Blue elements will turn him into a miniature angel. Later on in the game, he evolves again into either an archdevil, an archangel, or if the Elements used by/on him are reversed, he transforms turn into a Holy Beast (Butterfly). His final form will determine his Level 7 Tech Skill.


  • Evolves into five (1 of 2, then 1 of 3) different forms, with unique techniques and diverse element colours.


  • Generally Low Stats until fully Evolved
  • Evolved form(s) reset in New Game+

Tech Skills[]

  • Pounce - 8 Stars
  • Soothe - 15 Stars
  • Pounce+4 - 35 Stars (Unevolved)
  • CanonCannon - Holy Beast (Butterfly)
  • Heaven'sCall - Archangel(Variable innate colour, usually White, Blue, or Green)
  • Hell'sFury - Archdevil (Variable innate colour, usually Black, Red, or Yellow)


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