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The Poet is a character in Chrono Cross. Living in the village of Arni, this unnamed girl is known simply as "Poet". As the name entails, she aspires to be a poet but is stuck waitressing for Belcha's restaurant.


In Home World, the Poet wears an orange, sleeveless sundress with green and yellow patterns running along the hem. The neckline is blue. In place of shoes, she wears bandages on her feet. She has short, shoulder-length hair the color of chestnuts. In Another World, she trades the orange dress for a purple one with similar designs.


Poet works as a waitress for Belcha and writes poetry in her spare time. Before Serge travels to Another World at Opassa Beach, she reads him her most recent poem, which she describes as "the truth about life". The poem is as follows:

  Insanity leads to chaos,
  Then to solitude...
  The fruitless effort of adding
  Meaning to what is meaningless
  A lone, crimson tear
  Falls to the sea...
  The echo of the remaining star
  Cries out in the infinite vacuum
  The least I can do
  Is send my distant prayers
  Over the wind of time,
  Setting sail on dreams...

This poem appears to be about Lavos, as indicated by the "Crimson Tear" that "falls to the sea". Although there is no discernible way she could have witnessed the event, since it occurs in Prehistory.

When Serge speaks with her duplicate in Another World, he learns she has given up poetry. Living on such a small island, "in the middle of nowhere", no one would care to read the poems of a waitress. If Serge travels back to Home World and speaks to her original self, he receives a Book of Poems and is asked to give them to her other self to help her remember the importance of dreamers. While the Another World Poet does not believe a duplicate of her exists, the Home World Poet does and even calls Serge a "romantic" for believing so as well. When the chapbook is presented to her counterpart, she refuses to accept the book and instead promises to write one of her own. Then, she rewards the party with a shard of the Rainbow Shell for reviving her passion.

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