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The Present (現代 Gendai?) is the year 1000 A.D. in Chrono Trigger. It is the time period where the game begins and is visited only a few times and for very short sequences during the main storyline.


The geography of 1000 A.D. is very similar to the Middle Ages since the two time periods are so close together. The main difference is that the area on the East Continent, where Fiendlord's Keep once stood, is now the site of Medina Village, an all-Mystic village. There are several ruins that were once in better repair 400 years prior.

Notable Locations[]

Native Characters[]

Crono, Marle, and Lucca are native to the year of 1000 A.D.

Other notable characters from this time period are:

Time Gates[]

Being a hub for the first half of the game (that role falling to the End of Time later), there are several Gates:

  1. Leene Square - Opened by the Telepod, this connects to Truce Canyon in the Middle Ages.
  2. Guardia Forest - This connects to Bangor Dome in the Future.
  3. Medina Village - This connects to one of the three initial pillars of light in the End of Time.
  4. On New Game Plus, the right Telepod takes the players directly toLavos. One of the many possible endings is achieved by this method.


Since the year 1000 A.D .is the starting point of the game, it is considered the first "visit".

1st Visit[]

Crono is awakened by his mother and reminded of the Millennial Fair taking place in Leene Square. Upon arriving, he bumps into Marle, who accompanies him around the Fair. Eventually, they make their way to the top tier of the square, where Lucca and her father are displaying their new invention, the Telepods. Crono is the first volunteer teleporter. When the device activates, Crono vanishes from one platform and reappears on the second. Excited by this, Marle steps up to try it. The teleportation field reacts to her pendant, ripping open a hole in time and pulling her through. Crono grabs the necklace and follows her through to the Middle Ages.

2nd Visit[]

Crono, Lucca, and Marle emerge from the Gate at the fairgrounds. Lucca tells Crono to escort Marle home to the castle. Upon arriving, Crono is arrested for kidnapping the royal heir. Despite Marle's pleas, her father declares that Crono shall stand trial. Regardless of the outcome of the trial (which is influenced by the player's decisions up to that point), the Chancellor takes Crono to the Prison Towers - which Crono caused the creation of by changing the timeline - where he will be executed in three days. With Lucca's help, Crono breaks out of prison. After the duo battle the Chancellor's Dragon Tank, they meet up with Marle and flee the castle. Chased through Guardia Forest, they come across another Gate. With nowhere else to go, the trio jumps through the Gate and lands in the far Future.

3rd Visit[]

The trio's return home lands them in an awkward place--the cupboard of a house in Medina Village. There, they learn that the Mystics built up an anti-human civilization, awaiting the day when their lord and master, Magus, would return to lead them in another war against the humans. Traveling over the East Continent, they come across the home of Melchior, the swordsmith Crono met at the Fair. He tells them that there is a short cut to the West Continent through the Heckran Cave, which is populated by evil, magical creatures. Making their way through the cave, the team battled the evil Heckran and learned that Magus was involved with the appearance of Lavos. They return to the Middle Ages to find out how to stop the alien parasite.

4th Visit[]

This brief visit is a quick jaunt back to the East Continent to ask Melchior why his name is on a 400-year-old sword and how the shards of the sword can be reforged. He tells them of a rare red rock from which the sword was forged, but it no longer exists. The only place it can be found is in the distant past.

5th Visit[]

Another short visit, Crono and his team return to the Present with the Dreamstone and ask Melchior to reforge the sword. After he has done so, they return to the Middle Ages to arm Frog with the Masamune and defeat Magus once and for all.

6th Visit[]

After the death of Crono at the hands of Lavos, the remaining heroes hatch a plan to use the Chrono Trigger to return him to life. To do this, they need the duplicate doll of him from the Millennial Fair. Retrieving the doll, they proceed to the future to enact their plan.

7th and Last Visit[]

After beating one of the endings, the crew returns to the present. After a few tearful goodbyes, the four other heroes depart to their native times. The force holding the Gates open release and close forever. Crono, Lucca, Marle, and their families enjoy the final evening of the Millennial Fair together.

Side Quests[]

There are not many side quests in the present, except for those that are off-shoots of things occurring in the past or future.

Fiona's Shrine[]

After leaving Robo in the Middle Ages to help Fiona plant the forest, you return to the future to find the forest teeming greenery covering most of the South Continent. In the center sits Fiona's Shrine, an eternal testament to her work. A broken-down Robo sits on a pedestal at the altar. They reactivate him and he rejoins the party.

That evening, the entire team is camping out while Lucca repairs Robo. He regales them with thoughts he has mused over for the past four centuries, like what created the Gates, and why they have all been drawn through time. He owns these events to an unnamed divine entity.

Later that night, Lucca awakens from a dream to find a small red time Gate in the middle of the forest. Opening it, she is transported ten years into the past, on the day her mother lost the use of her legs. Lucca acts quickly to stop the machine that injures her mother, using the password she located on the refrigerator. She returns to the present to find Robo waiting for her.

The Sun Stone[]

Tracing the missing Sun Stone through time, Crono and company position it in the Sun Keep. In the present, they find evidence it has been stolen and resides in a house in Porre. Extremely greedy, the man living there refuses to give it up. The team must travel into the past to teach his ancestor the joy of giving. Returning to the present, the man happily returns the Sun Stone, and they return it to the shrine to finish recharging.

Spirit of a Proud Knight[]

In the present, the ghost of Cyrus will not let the team enter his grave. After traveling back to 600 A.D. to find his shrine in disrepair, they return to retrieve the Carpenter's Tools so the grave can be repaired in the past.

The Rainbow Shell[]

The group locates the grave of Toma Levine at West Cape. Speaking with his spirit, they learn the location of the Rainbow Shell. Retrieving it in the past, they take it to the King of Guardia and he stores it for the next 400 years in the castle vault.

Returning, they find the shell missing and the King on trial for selling royal treasures. Crono and the team must locate the Rainbow Shell to prove his innocence. When they locate it, the Chancellor transforms into Yakra XIII, a descendant of the same beast who masqueraded as the Chancellor in the Middle Ages, and he wants to avenge his ancestor.

Dimensional Vortex[]

One of the three Gates connecting to the Dimensional Vortex is in the present.



Musical Theme[]

Music Title Music Track
Green Memories
Jolly Ol' Spekkio
Light of Silence
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