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The Rainbow is Crono's most powerful weapon in the SNES/PSX versions of Chrono Trigger. It is forged by Melchior using the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone. When equipped, the sword is pinkish-blue. On a critical hit, a radiant rainbow trails off the blade. It critical hits 70% of the time and its attack power is 220. Paired with the Prism Spectacles, Crono will annihilate the battlefield with mere basic attacks that turn into frequent critical hits.

The weapon/blade's sprite is of a silver-white color shared with the Silver Sword, Thunder Blade, Primeval Blade, Slasher, Slasher II and Onimaru. However, the slashing trail is a uniquely-colored trail of white with blue-and-pink outer-ends mixed together, akin to the color of the Rainbow Shell.

The shape of the said trail is the same as the Suzaku's, though both the color and shape is the exact same as the DS-exclusive weapon, the Dreamseeker.

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