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"I can hear the voices of the trees and flowers... They are just like humans. They are all hurt and are all sad. We are all life born from this planet..."
— Razzly

Razzly (ラズリー Razurī?) is the wispy and whimsical fairy of Water Dragon Isle. Along with her sister, Rosetta, she lives in a community there in Chrono Cross.



Razzly has mauve, shoulder length hair that curls at the ends, including her bang, green eyes, and pointed ears. She wears a pointed green hat, a pointed green and light green cloak, secured with a yellow gem, and a similarly patterned dress with billowing sleeves. Her shoes are green and curl upwards and have large pink pompoms at the back of the ankles.


Razzly is a carefree and spirited fairy. Unlike most fairies or Demi-Humans who despise humans, she is one of the only fairies who trusts them since she was rescued by Serge and his party from the Pentapus. Razzly is very close to her sister Rosetta.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow. Continue at your own risk.

Razzly grew up with her sister Rosetta, living a free-spirited life on Water Dragon Isle. Like the other fairies, she appreciates all lifeforms on the planet, and unlike some other Demi-humans, does not hold grudges against humans. In 1020 A.D. she voyages to Hydra Marshes in search of the last living Hydra. However, the Dwarves catch her snooping around and imprison her in the Pentapus lair, hoping the monster will eat her. Around this time, Serge locates her and releases her, so she accompanies the party from then on. After the Hydra is slain, Razzly finds newborn babies in its womb. During Kid's recovery from the Hydra poison, Razzly reveals to Doc that she's also from Home World like Serge, while detailing how they'd obtained the Hydra Humour.

Traveling with Serge back to Water Dragon Isle, she finds the Dwarves have ransacked her village and with Serge's help, she defeats the intruders, saving her sister Rosetta in the process. Rather than choosing to slay them, she offers them redemption by suggesting they tend to the living Hydra babies in the Marshes. Vilifying Serge for killing the Hydra and causing the Dwarves to seek out the fairies, they prohibit him from returning to their village. Razzly defends him and continues journeying with him until the Time Devourer stands vanquished.

Alternatively, if Serge does not bring Razzly with him to the battle against the Hydra, the newborn babies are not discovered and Rosetta dies. After vouching for Serge to the other fairy Demi-Humans, she tells one of them to look after her sister's corpse and that it is to be buried at Moon Isle where she will eventually say goodbye. Rosetta's dying wish reinvigorated the fairy tree, resulting in the growth of Razzly's level seven technique, Raz-Flower. Lastly, if Serge does not obtain the Hydra Humour to cure Kid's poison of his own efforts, the Pentapus presumably consumes and kills Razzly.



Agree to save Kid after she is poisoned. When in Hydra Marshes (Home World), save Razzly from the Pentapus before killing the Hydra.


  • Very High Magic Power, by far the highest of the Green Element Innate
  • First Tech is extremely strong for when she becomes available
  • Learns Triple Tech
  • Ability to attack all enemies at once with her 3-stamina attack (each enemy get its own chance to evade, so she may miss some of them).


  • Weak Physical stats

Tech Skills[]


Name Etymology[]

In the Japanese version, her name was "Lazuli", after the semi-precious stone. Razzly likely stems from the word razzle-dazzle, which appropriately defines the animations for her techs, as well as her colorful outfits. Razzly may also be an adaption of raspberry, since Green Innate draw power from nature and plants. Additionally, raspberry may be a word used to describe the color of her hair or her diminutive physiology.

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