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This article is about the element. For other uses, see Revive (Disambiguation), or Revive (Item) .
Revive Element.png
Serge revives Pierre while fighting Pentapus.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 1±7
Target One Ally
User Any
Description Recovers friend from incapacitated status

Revive is a 1st-level White Element. Acquired in the barracks of Viper Manor, left of the room that Glenn inhabits, in a blue and gold chest. This element allows the caster to resurrect a fallen ally from the dead.


A column of pure white light rises from the fallen body and shots into the sky. Second later, the ally springs to their feet, endowed with a few meager Hit Points. If allocated to higher levels, the revived ally returns with more HP. Recovering the most HP they can at 8th-level and the least amount at 1st-level.

Name Origin[]

Across plethora of Role-Playing Games, techniques similar to Revive resurrect fallen allies. The word "Revive" itself means to restore or reinstate. Technically, characters never "die" in battle in Chrono Cross. Simply they are rendered unconscious when their Hit Points reach zero or less. This technique revives them from the unconscious state and gives them the will to keep fighting.