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Official artwork of Robo by Akira Toriyama.

Time Era Future
Home Area Proto Dome
Age Over 300
Over 700 after The Sunken Desert
Weapon Type Mechanical Arm
Family R-Series (rivals)
Mother Brain (hates)
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Lucca
King Guardia XXXIII
King Guardia XXI
Queen Leene
Atropos XR

Robo (ロボ "Robo"?) is a robot originally created to assist humans at the Proto Dome in Chrono Trigger. His real name is Prometheus (プロメテス "Purometesu"?) while his serial number is R-66Y. He uses his robotic arm as a weapon and although Spekkio cannot grant him the power to use magic (Spekkio being unable to properly read his character), Robo can use laser attacks that are similar to Shadow magic and bomb attacks that are similar to Fire magic. He also sports several healing techs. Along with his sturdy physique and high physical damage capabilities, he is the most versatile character in Chrono Trigger.

"Although I have no emotions, there is something warm and cozy about this letter."
— Robo, commenting on the letter left on the Rainbow Shell by Queen Leene.

Physical Appearance

Rotund and bulky, there is no doubt Robo packs a punch. Unlike the other R-Series robots similar in construction to him, which were recolored blue while Atropos XR was recolored pink, Robo is beige and brown. The color of his metal skin is presumably the result of the weather in 2300 AD, which appears to be severely polluted. The color may also be an attempt on the part of the game designers to highlight the dissonance between Robo and the other robots of this time era. His outer body equates to an exoskeleton of metal plates that splay or separate under duress or emotional excitement. Underneath, there is a soft layer of what appears to be black rubber

Robo is quite bipedal with two claw-like feet and two arms, one serving as a three-fingered hand and the other as a laser cannon or spring-loaded fist. Robo also has green eyes. Vents serve as the Robot's mouth and nostrils.

Robo is decidedly male. The other robots refer to him as such, and his romance with Atropos XR also alludes to the robot's gender. On his back, Robo wears what appears to be some sort kind of cooling gear, indicated by the smoke-spewing chimney that branches from it.

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