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Sage of Marbule is a character in Chrono Cross. While his true name remains unknown, while the Sage is the wise leader of Marbule and is well versed in the mysteries surrounding the El Nido archipelago.


In his late to middle ages, the sage has long, graying hair, kept tame by a bandanna. He wears a red outer-garment fitted with white patterns and designs. Beneath, he wears a deep navy blue robe.


The sage's origins are unclear, but he likely succeeded another elder as the village headman, as is customary. Displaying a wise and calm demeanor, he is tempered by a quick wit and worldly knowledge. In Home World, he befriends Fargo, who married Zelbess and shared in her dream of a united Demi-human and Human society. At some point, he acquires a mysterious Fiddler Crab said to control the tides. Unfortunately, after Zelbess dies and the dream of the Black Dragon manifests itself in Marbule, the Sage leaves with his people to work in servitude aboard the S.S. Zelbess. While the Sage displays much cynicism, he still hopes for the salvation of Marbule. This glimmer of hope comes when Nikki asks the sage to teach him the Song of Marbule, which can cleanse the island and allow reconstruction. Always the clever sort, the sage openly rejects but hums the song to himself as he mops the floors. When Serge encounters the sage he presents him with the Crab, allowing him to enter the Dead Sea. Once Marbule is able to rebuild, the sage lets his full exuberance shine through. Reminiscing on past experiences, the sage and Fargo rekindle their friendship once more.

In Another World, the sage shares the bitter resentment of humans felt by the other villagers. Though he puts up with Serge's inquiries, he ends each answer with a warning to never go anywhere near the Sea of Eden.


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