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Serge's Grandchild is a character in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Reading a diary given to him by his mother, he narrates the story of the Radical Dreamers, written in the pages by Serge. During the story, he provides no internal monologue or commentary. Oddly enough, if Serge dies in-game, Serge's Grandchild reads the phrase, "...and then I died." This is odd because, should Serge die in the original adventure, his Grandchild never would have been born. Despite this paradox, should Serge complete the story successfully, Serge's Grandchild is called away from the diary by his mother, who indicates a friend, much like Kid, has arrived and wants to explore some ruins Interestingly, the opening scene of Chrono Cross takes place in with Serge, Kid, and another exploring some ruins.

"It was then that I opened the notebook my mother had given me...she said she found it while cleaning out the closet. Crumbling and covered with dust, it turned out to be the diary of my long-lost grandfather."
— Serge's Grandchild

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