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The Shaker Brothers are Solt and Peppor (and possibly Ketchop). In Japanese, they are known as Sugarl and Solton (シュガール & ソルトン). These two tend to serve as "Tutorials" on new concepts during Chrono Cross except in the final confrontation with them. Throughout the rest of the game, they unknowingly give advice on how to work element traps and the like.

Characteristics And Description[]

Solt and Peppor both are generally incompetent and talkative Acacia Dragoons while unknowingly giving tutorials to the player in the game. It is hinted in the game that they are considered as "outcasts" that serve under the Deva Karsh.

Their in-game roles somewhat resemble a duo, which is hinted in their Home World versions, where they play the Classic Kansai-style featuring the "straight man" and "eccentric guy" duo in Sneff's family show. Peppor usually acts the straight man to Solt's bumbling and eccentric behavior throughout the battles against them.


See also Solt (Enemy)

Solt is a tall, lanky, middle-aged Acacia Dragoon who tends to be an absent-minded klutz. Despite this, he is knowledgeable about elements and their many uses and is more powerful with elements than physical attacks. His weapon is a long lance that is, strangely, as tall as he is. His physical attacks do not tend to cause much damage, but he generally uses a long string of them when attacking. He has a habit of appending adverbs to related adjectives in his sentences, were such as "surely-sure", "unfortunately unfortunate", and many others.


See also Peppor (Enemy)

Peppor is a short, stubby, middle-aged Acacia Dragoon who is overly aggressive but has more common sense than his brother, which leads him to be some kind of straight man. His aggressiveness is to the point that he will even attack Solt for an entire variety of reasons. During at least one of the battles against these brothers, Solt forgets to set a trap correctly and Peppor decides to promptly attack him for his mistake. Peppor uses a Battle axe that is roughly the size of his torso and tends to be weaker with elements, but his tech skills tend to be hard-hitting. Unlike Solt, Peppor's physical attacks tend to only land 2-3 times but cause much more damage than his brother's. He has a habit of stuttering the first letter of his sentences and replacing verbs with "shake" at random.

Name Origin[]

Solt and Peppor are puns on the common tabletop spices, "salt" and "pepper". Shaker in their united title is an allusion to the type of container salt and pepper are often found in.


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