Shaman's Bow
Sage Bow
Japanese Name ひじりのゆみ
Equipment Type Bow
Description A bow employed by ancient occultists.
Attack 40
Sell 2100 G
Won From Ioka Village Hut

Shaman's Bow (also known as Sage Bow in the SNES/PS version) is a weapon in Chrono Trigger. With an attack power of 40, it is Marle's fifth bow. The merchant in Ioka Village Hut will trade the player a Shaman's Bow for three petals and three horns.

Name OriginEdit

Shaman are occultist leaders in current and ancient cultures. Many existed in cultures similar to those of Prehistory from which this weapon is obtained. Sage is a term often synonymous with shaman and refers to a wise elder sometimes possessing occult powers or lore.