Silver Earring
Equipment Type Accessory
Description An earring that grants vigor.

Silver Earring (also known as SilverErng in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

Chrono Trigger

It increases HP by 25%. Equip-able by any character, it is found in Denadoro Mountains. Jump down the waterfall to reach it.

Chrono Cross

Increasing HP during battle (low), it is found in Viper Manor (Another World) if the player inspects the shiny spot on Luccia's desk. Also in Viper Manor, Acacia PVT, Ketchop, and Karsh drop this accessory. Silver Earring can be crafted using 2 Humour and 1 Iron and sells for 330G. Any character can equip it.

Name Origin

An earring is a piece of jewelry worn about the ear. Although it pierces the flesh and is known to cause infection or harm in rare cases, this item probably boosts vitae due to the youthful vigor attributed to those who wear piercings. Silver is a mineral often used in the making of earrings and is very valuable. It is less valuable than Gold, and appropriately, this accessory grants less vitae than the Golden Earring.

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