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The Sky Dragon is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. It currently resides at the Sky Dragon Isle in Another World. It was also the one who rescued Serge in Lynx's body and his group from the destruction of the Dead Sea at Home World. Returning back to their island in Another World, it tests Serge and his group of their strength to prove their worth to enter the Sea of Eden as well as acquiring the white relic after they acquire the five relics from the other five dragons which they succeeded in defeating it. The rare White Plate armor can be stolen from it. The White Relic is received upon its defeat. In the FMV cutscene, the Sky Dragon was last seen along with the other five dragons and it serves as the base form of the Dragon God during the fusion with the other six dragons.

Battle and Strategy[]

Sky Dragon is the most powerful dragon after the other five dragons who uses the white element. Serge in Lynx's body and his party would talk to it in order to acquire the White Relic and it challenges them to test their strength and to prove their worth in entering the Sea of Eden. It's basic attacks is to bite it's opponents thrice as well as scratching them three times with it's claws. It's white skills are it's White Breath, Magnify, Null State, Holy Breath which deals critical damage and Ultranova which if not trapped can easily KO your entire party. Don't put all white elements on the field and Sky Dragon's attacks would be increased as it uses either it's White Breath or it's Holy Breath to take more damage on the party. It was also required to use Heal All to all party members if the battle against it would become very tricky.

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