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Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Slash as shown in both games

Time Era Middle Ages
Home Area Fiendlord's Keep
Ozzie's Fort
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Magus(betrayed)
Slash (ソイソー "Soisō"?) is a character in Chrono Trigger, who acts as one of Magus's henchmen. He resides in the Fiendlord's Keep alongside Ozzie and Flea. Fighting alongside Diva Flea and Ozzie, he appears again in Ozzie's Fort as Super Slash. Slash is a swordsman of great prowess. Slash later appears as a secret boss in Chrono Cross along with Ozzie and Flea in the Bend of Time in the game's New Game Plus. In this incarnation, Slash wears much the same clothing as in Chrono Trigger (though slightly more vibrant) but has blue skin instead of purple, and no mustache. In both games, Slash can be defeated to acquire the weapon Slasher.

Slash is one of the enemies a party member can trap inside the Forget-Me-Not Pot for use with Sprigg's Doppelgang Tech in Chrono Cross.

Name Etymology

Due to cultural barriers that arose when Chrono Trigger was translated for North American markets, Slash was renamed from Soysau/Soy sauce to reference Saul Hudson, the guitarist from Guns N' Roses. Since Ozzie and Flea are also named after musicians from similar genres, the renaming for Slash seems appropriate.

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