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This article is about the enemy. For other uses, see Slash (Disambiguation).
Slash (Unarmed)
Slash (Front).gif
Japanese Name Soysau – Unarmed (ソイソー・素手 Soisō – Sude?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
3200 127 50
0 0 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Fiendlord's Keep (600 AD)
Treasure None
Charm None
Techs Rapid-fire Punch
Skyward Flame
Counters Firebomb
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Slash (Unarmed) is a boss in Chrono Trigger that appears in Fiendlord's Keep in 600 AD. A very easy way to defeat him is to equip Frog and Crono with Berserker Rings, and simply go all out while Robo uses Robo Tackle. This strategy works very well, so well, in fact, that the player may not even need to heal by the end of the second battle.