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The Slasher (ソイソー刀 Soisō Tō?, Soisoh Blade) is Crono's eighth-level katana in Chrono Trigger. With an attack power of 43 and a speed stat boost of 2, it can be found after defeating Slash.

In-game, sprite's blade is colored silver-white with blue-ish tints (akin to the Silver Sword, Thunder Blade, Primeval Blade, Onimaru and Rainbow), with its slashing trail being a straight-lined white flash ending in an impact, much like the Mammoth Tusk's (only colored white).

The same effects and color are carried on to the strong version of this weapon, Slasher II.


Crono first encounters the Slasher in Slash's sanctum in the Fiendlord's Keep, where it is mounted on the wall behind his throne. Slash, at first, attempts to subdue the party, using unarmed physical strength. When that fails, he removes the purple-hued blade from its scabbard to finish the job. Once Slash is defeated, he drops the sword and flees. Crono can then take up the sword, which gives him a portion of the speed Slash displayed in their battle.

After resurrecting Crono at Death Peak, Slash is faced again at Ozzie's Fort, where he is armed with the more powerful Slasher II. If Ayla is present in the party, the katana can be charmed. However, at this point in the game, the sword may no longer be useful as Crono could have obtained the Rainbow earlier.


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