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Son of the Sun
Chrono Trigger Son of Sun.gif
Japanese Name Son of Sun (サン オブ サン "San obu San"?)
SNES / PS Name Son of Sun
HP Defense Magic Defense
12000 255 100
3800 40 2000
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None Light, Shadow, Ice / Water, Fire
Location Sun Temple (2300 AD)
Treasure None
Charm Black Plate
Techs Dark Beam
Counters Flare
Roulette Spin
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Son of Sun (サン オブ サン "San obu San"?) is a boss that appears in Chrono Trigger. It can be fought in the Sun Palace in the year 2300 AD.

The five lights that surround it are called Prominence (プロミネンス "Purominensu"?).

The Son of the Sun will counter attack with Flare if he is attacked by anything. The Son of the Sun cannot be damaged directly. To defeat him, the player must attack one of the five Prominences. If the correct one is hit, it will cause the Son of the Sun to take around 213 damage. If the wrong Prominence is attacked, it will counter attack with a weak fire attack. The Son of the Sun himself will attack with Flare and a powerful magical based beam attack. It is recommended to wear Fire Protection such as the Red Mail, Red Vest, or Ruby Vest in this battle. Without it, characters can easily take 700+ damage from Flare, and the beam attack can do around the same amount to a single target if their magic defense is lacking. Magus's Barrier spell is very useful against this, as well as Barrier Spheres. It'll take about 10-12 correct hits to defeat him in total. It's best to use red mail on Crono and attack with Cyclone but this strategy will take a while.


  • If Magus is on your team, Black Hole can swallow up 2-3 of the boss's fireballs, making it much easier to attack and find the right one.
  • Using the Red Vest or Red Plate makes this battle much easier. In fact, they can make it impossible to lose. You can obtain a Red Vest and Red Mail in Guardia Castle in 600 AD and 1000 AD, and Ayla can charm a second Red Mail off of Rust Tyranno in Giant's Claw in 600 AD.