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The Speed Capsule (also known as Speed Tab in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger. It increases the basic Speed stat of any character it is used on by 1.

Speed Capsules can be found as blue shines on the ground, from chests, by using Charm, or as rewards from NPCs. There are a total of 38 Speed Capsules, the lowest of any Capsule type. 11 are won from Spekkio, 10 are found on the map or from chests, one is found from battling the Nus in Zeal, and 16 are found via Charm. No Speed Capsules can be found in Prehistory.

As the total number of Speed Capsules needed to bring every character's speed to 16 (**) is 36, and a great many are found via either Spekkio's Nu form or via the Dimensional Corridor, most will likely opt to collect them over the course of multiple New Game+ runs instead of just one.

Speed Capsule Locations[]

End of Time[]

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Main article: Antiquity

Middle Ages[]

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Main article: Present


Main article: Future
  • Geno Dome: Under a Poyozo Doll (the one in the upper-left corner). wait a few seconds for it to appear.

Black Omen[]

Main article: Black Omen
  • In the room with a Power Seal; lower-right corner.
  • See above; go all the way left.
  • In a chest in the room with Ghaj and Blobs.
  • A chest right before the Tera Mutant boss fight.
  • Charm Panel (13 capsules can be charmed).

Dimensional Vortex[]

Main article: Dimensional Vortex


  • Frozen Cliffs: Second-to-last area; toward the center of the open plain where three ledges converge (also contains a Magic Capsule and a Strength Capsule).

Lost Sanctum[]


  • Give the Prismastone to the Reptite in the northwest of the Reptite Village to receive a capsule set containing two of each capsule type.
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