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Spekkio (スペッキオ "Supekkio"?) is a character and recurring boss from Chrono Trigger that can be found at the End of Time.

"I'm Spekkio, the Master of War!"
— Spekkio


Chrono Trigger

Spekkio refers to himself as the "Master of War". When the party first meets him, he tells them that he has seen many battles from the End of Time. He tells the party that many years before they were born there existed a kingdom where magic was abundant and anyone could use it. However, people began to abuse their power over the years. Their abuse eventually destroyed their kingdom and their own ability to use magic. He goes on to say that the party has the determination and that magic only needs the power of the heart and inner strength. He says that magic is divided into four elements: Fire, Water, Lightning and Shadow. He tells them that Crono is adept at Light, Marle is adept at Water, and Lucca is adept at Fire. He then tells them all to think magic and then, starting from the entrance to his room, walk clockwise along the walls three times. After they do this, Spekkio grants them their magical powers. They also learn their first and second techs if they did not know those techs already.

Later, when Frog first came to see Spekkio, he is granted water magic. However, Ayla cannot be taught with magic due to the fact her era existed before magic was discovered, and Robo cannot be taught with magic because he is not a living thing. Magus did not need to be taught magic as he already knew a great deal about Shadow magic due to having been alive when magic existed.

Chrono Cross

In the Bend of Time, Spekkio seems to still be around. If Janice is brought to the area, the timekeeper will note that the "God of Combat" has taken an interest in her, and she will be bestowed her level 7 tech, What'sUpDoc. He still has his own separate room and after a trial similar to the one in Chrono Trigger (involving running three laps around the room) he offers a battle with Ozzie, Slash, and Flea, the Mystical Knights. A minigame ensues in which one must run a correct number of laps to receive a Dreamer's Sarong. After the minigame is won, he remarks that perhaps he will see the player in another, different dimension. This strongly suggests that it is indeed a cheerful creature.

Fighting Spekkio

Levels Form
1 to 9 Prehistoric Frog
10 to 19 Kilwala
20 to 29 Dark blue Ogan
30 to 39 Red Gaoler
40 to 98 Blue Masa & Mune
99 Pink Nu

After giving Crono, Marle, and Lucca their magic, he then asks them if they would like to test it out; doing so will give them a reward. The reward becomes better the higher the party's level is.

Spekkio is a unique enemy, in that his form will change depending on how strong your team is. When a member of the party is between levels 1 to 9, he will be in the form of a Prehistoric Frog (most players never saw this form since most would be past level 9 by the time they meet Spekkio). When a member of the party is between levels 10 and 19, he will be in the form of a Kilwala. When a member of the party is between levels 20 to 29, he will be in the form of an Ogan. When a member of the party is between levels 30 to 39, he will be in the form of a red Gaoler. When a member of the party is between levels 40 to 98 he will be in the form of a blue Masa & Mune. And finally, when a member of the party is at level 99, he will be in the form of a pink Nu, the hardest enemy in the SNES/PS versions and one of the hardest bosses in the the DS version of the game, next to the Dream Devourer.

Reaction towards each charcter

  • Crono: - "You, with the punk hairdo! You’re "Lightning."
  • Lucca: - "The one with the goofy glasses is "Fire."
  • Marle: - "The one with the ponytail is "Water."
  • Frog: - "What a weird fellow, being a frog, let's give him water!"
  • Robo: - "That’s the biggest toy I’ve ever seen… Hey, you’re not alive, are you?! You’ve got great strength, however, since I can’t measure your inner character, I can’t give any magic to you. But your laser weapons will suffice. They can inflict "Shadow" type damage."
  • Magus: - "...Phew...!! You hauled in a marlin here, kids! He can use "Shadow"... And he could probably teach me a thing or two!"
  • Ayla: - "All right! Sweetheart! Unfortunately, you were born before magic existed! But you seem to have other skills that will get you by."


  • "Spekkio" is a phonetic spelling of the Italian word for "Specchio" (meaning that they are spelled differently, but are pronounced the same). "Specchio" means "Mirror" in Italian, which refers to his reflection of the party's current power level.
  • If Spekkio is found in any of the forms past his first, all previous forms will appear in the Bestiary if they weren't there already, even if they were never fought.

Musical Theme

Music Title Music Track
Jolly Ol' Spekkio

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