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Orcha spiceoflife.png
Orcha uses SpiceOfLife in battle.
Type Healing Magic
Color Red
Allocation Level 3±3
Target All Allies
User Orcha
Description Scatter secret spice to make party healthy.

SpiceOfLife is a Red Tech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 3 boss stars, Orcha learns to employ his cuisine skills in battle to restore roughly thirty pointsHit Points of all allies and revert the Status Effect, Confuse.


From a pocket in his apron, Orcha produces an over-sized salt shaker. Tossing it into the air, the shaker explodes, raining down blue and pink lights on the party.

Name Origin[]

As a cook for the Acacia Dragoons, there is no doubt that Orcha has experience with properly spicing foods and producing heals that are tasty, yet healthy. This