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"Cackle, I'ma doin' fine. I've finally made it back to the real world. It be swell to hang with youz again!"
— Sprigg

Sprigg (スプリガン Supurigan?) is a character in Chrono Cross. As the enigmatic sole resident of the Temporal Vortex, she is a pointy-eared, blue-skinned, dwarfish woman, wearing a bandanna, green britches, and a yellow shirt with patches.


Born in the year 796 A.D., Sprigg probably researched magic during her life, and was likely born in Medina (being a Fiend). At some point in her life, she met the Fortune Teller of Termina and also developed her Doppelgang ability, enabling her to transform into enemies she defeated. She lived on the outside world for much of her life, probably encountering Sneff and providing him with a berry that enabled him control over rudimentary transformation magic. Eventually, Sprigg was somehow cast into the enigmatic Temporal Vortex, where she eked out a life of quiet thinking and subsistence on a strange fruit and Saururaceae juice. Her displacement there gave her a philosophy of chaos in life. About the time of 1020 A.D. on the outside world, Serge as Lynx was cast into the Vortex as well. Sprigg was pleasantly surprised at the visitor and accompanied him back to the real world, where she visited her old friend, the Fortune Teller, and eventually discovered that her Saururaceae Juice actually came from the water of the Hydra Marshes.

Sprigg may be a uni-dimensional being, dependent on whether she was thrown into the Temporal Vortex before or after the split of dimensions. Though never stated in-game, she is confirmed to be a Fiend via the Missing Piece art book.

How to Recruit[]

As Lynx, shake the tree in the Temporal Vortex to lure Sprigg out. Sneak into her house before she gets back.


  • High Magic Power
  • Learns Doppelgang
  • Learns Triple Tech (as Slash)


  • Smallest Element Grid
  • Learns only one Single Tech Skill
  • Extremely Low HP
  • Low Defense

Tech Skills[]


Name Etymology[]

Based on her Japanese name, Sprigg is short for Spriggan, a type of wood fairy or pixie. The American version, shortened this to Sprigg, which could be a play on the word Sprig, which is a leafy shoot or twig. Since Sprigg is a Green Element and a generally woodsy being, either name fits nicely.

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