Sun Temple
Sun's Keep.jpg
The Sun Shrine through time.
Time Period 65000000 BC
12000 BC
600 AD
1000 AD
2300 AD
Chapter(s) Played In Sun Stone sidequest
SNES/PS Name Sun Temple

The Sun Shrine (also known as Sun Keep in the SNES/PS version) (大陽神殿 "Taiyō Shinden" literally "Great Sun Temple") is a location in Chrono Trigger that appears in all time eras. The Sun Temple plays a role during an optional part of the game. If the heroes acquire the Moon Stone, it can be recharged here.

The Sun Temple is a small cave located on the North-eastern section of all maps. Inside, there is a small set of stairs leading to a pedestal bathed in light. The interior indicates there is a small hole that allows sunlight inside.

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