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Tablet Element.png
Poshul uses a Tablet on herself.
Type Consumable
Color Red
Allocation Level 1±0
Target One Ally
User All
Description Restores HP (small)

Tablet is a 1st-level Red Element and consumable item in Chrono Cross. Restoring a small portion of a character's Hit Points, Tablets can be purchased in Guldove and Marbule from the Demi-human merchants there. Lisa in Another World's Termina also stocks the item. In both Home and Another World, the merchant in Arni sells Tablets. At all locations, the price for one dose is 10 G each.

A character can equip Tablet only to the 1st level Element Grid spot, but it can be allocated multiple times, at the limit of 5 Tablets per slot. Because of this, Tablets can be used multiple times through a battle, unlike other Elements, which are limited to one use, excluding Riddel's use of SnakeFangs. If additional unequipped Tablets reside in reserve, they will restock after each battle in which they are used. Tablets can be consumed outside of battle to restore Hit Points.

Wearing Sunglasses increases the amount of Hit Points restored by Tablets. Additionally, free Tablets can be found in chests in Guldove, Orlha's Bar, Hydra Marshes, Lizard Rock, Mount Pyre, and Viper Manor Bluffs. Commonly, Tablets are dropped by or stolen from SandSquirts, Komodo Pups, Bubba Dingos, Drongos, and Bulbs. Rarely, Tablets are dropped by or stolen from Dodo, Opah Fish, and BeachBums.


When used, a flare of red light touches the target.

Name Origin[]

Tablet is a synonym of capsule or pill, a chemical compound consumed to recover from illness or to ensure over-all well-being, such as with the consumption of vitamin tablets.