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Tail Spin
Chrono Trigger Tail Spin.png
Learned By Ayla
Element Type None
TP Req'd 600
Target Enemies close to Ayla.
Description Spin and strike surrounding enemies.
Double Techs Inferno
Triple Techs Twister
Spin Strike

Tail Spin is Ayla's fifth Tech in Chrono Trigger. Enemies too heavy to be effected by the wind-lift aspect of this tech are immune to it. Should Ayla cast Tail Spin on a cluster of enemies and all non-grounded enemies are destroyed before the move is able to be performed, she will shake her head and her turn will be wasted. Enemies unaffected by this move include most bosses and Giga Mutant (Lower Body).


On tiptoes, Ayla spins at hyper-speeds to conjure a cyclone of wind that hits enemies near Ayla. Clustered enemies can also be caught in the fray. Her body and wind-swept hair is encased in a green aura while performing Tail Spin.


  • Since the name includes "Tail" and "Spin", Ayla obviously uses her tail to her gain momentum while spinning. However, Ayla does not actually have a tail. The purple tail-like strip of fur is the extension of her Power Scarf.