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Official artwork of Tata by Akira Toriyama.

Time Era Middle Ages
Home Area Tata's House
Age Indeterminate, young child

Tata (タータ "Tartar"?) is a character that appears in Chrono Trigger.


Chrono Trigger[]

In the Middle Ages, Tata lives in the small town of Porre, south of the Zenan Bridge, with his father and grandfather. He has made a reputation of a noisy and troublemaker child.

The Hero Appears[]

Tata is an unfortunate youth who happened to stumble across the Hero's Medal when it was left by Frog in a Porre cafe after he thought he had failed to protect Queen Leene. After briefly wearing it, some recognized it on him and immediately hailed him as a hero come to end to the Mystic War and uphold the honor of the Kingdom of Guardia. He was immediately spirited away to see King Guardia XXI, who was recently wounded in a battle, and the king gave him his blessing. Tata, still going with the act, was charged to recover the Masamune from the Denadoro Mts; he only got so far before a Goblin chased him away, as observed by Crono and his party. running from the baddie, he warned the party that the mountains were extremely dangerous. Later, he admitted that his being the hero was a sham, and returned the medal to its rightful owner. However, this engendered the ire of his father, who wanted to claim the fame and glory of his own.

Name Origin[]

Tata is a way of saying goodbye.