The Telepod is a device capable of teleporting an object from one pod to another. It was created in the year of 1000 AD. by Lucca, who intended to show it off at the Millennial Fair. The first try worked, but when Marle stepped in, it reacted with her Pendant to throw her back in time. It is unknown what became of the Telepod after this, or what its full operative range was.

however, In New Game Plus, the right Telepod is also the first possible Gate opening to the Apocalypse - this is one of the only Lavos battle that can be fought with two or fewer characters Crono and optionally Marle. Strangely enough, the plates on the Telepod flash oddly different colors during the Moonlight Parade at the end of the game.


  • After Marle agrees to watch Crono test the Telepods, it is possible for him to simply talk to her before being teleported. This prompts her to test the Telepods as if he had done so already. This is useful for swift playthroughs of the game.
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