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Luccia testameba.png
Luccia uses TestAmeba.
Type Magic
Color Black
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Singe Opponent
User Luccia
Description Let foe be a test-host for a new parasitic amoeba.

TestAmeba is Luccia's seventh-level Black tech used in Chrono Cross. With Luccia in the party, venture to the sewers beneath Viper Manor and seek out the Amoeba near the treasure chest.


Procuring a flask from somewhere on her person, she tosses a dose of the chemical therein on a single target. From the fumes sprouts an Amoeba, which hovers and undulates before diving into the target who then turns green and throbs spasmodically. Receiving damage, the target falls on its back and twitches, proving the experiment was lethal.


  • Amoeba is misspelled in the title of this tech. This is likely attributed to the character limits of caption windows.
  • As a scientist, Luccia experiments on many organic subjects, such as Bulbs, Pip, and NeoFio. Because of this, it is no surprise that she would test a dubious and potentially lethal amoebic specimen on a living target.