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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

The Derelict Factory is the seventh chapter of Chrono Trigger.


In your party is Crono, Robo, and (choices Marle or Lucca). The party needs to restore power to Proto Dome. When they get to the Derelict Factory, Robo shuts down Security System 00. When the security system is down, an Acid appears.

Tip: Wind Slash from Crono is the best way to defeat Acid and Alkali.

Head towards the elevator in the right. You need to find the code to the Proto Dome power control in the Factory.

Caution: If Crono hits a Version 3.0 on the belt, prepare for combat with more of those, and Deverminators.

On the way to the Crane Controls (because you need to move some barrels), the party in encounters some Bugs. When the Crane Control Codes are found fight some more Version 3.0s and Deverminators until the Crane Controls are found.

Note: Around the Factory, there is Treasure. Lots of treasure.

When you hear a ding-dong, and see a flash, either press B+B or X+A. When the code to the Proto Dome's control are found. Head back to the Lobby, fight Deverminators, and head to the left elevator, and fight Acids and Alkalis. When the Control Pad to the Proto Dome controls are, press X+A+B+Y. Then press the switch. An alarm comes on, Robo says we need to leave the Factory, as soon as they can. Elevators are shut down, you'll need to go the long way. Soon, some R-Series units come pouring out of the stations. Robo says that they are his brothers. Although the R-Series say that Robo betrayed them, they start punting over Robo, like a bunch of football players. After Robo got enough damage, Crono, and the other Party Member start fighting Robo's brothers. After all the robots are shut down, the other party memeber finds Robo stuck on the machine. After Crono and the other player take Robo back to Proto Dome, Lucca is fixing Robo, and Lucca and Robo were talking about saving the world and stuff. After Robo is fixed, it offered to join them, and help them defeat Lavos. Now, that the door is open, Lucca gets the Gate Key, shoots it at the Time Gate, and the portal was acting funny, but then the Portal pushes them somewhere, unknown.

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