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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

The Rare Red Rock is the twelfth chapter of Chrono Trigger (DS).


Crono and the other party members (Marle, Lucca, and/or Robo), head for the End of Time to see the Old Man. They're mission is to get the Dreamstone for Melchior, to repair the Masamune, to give to Frog. The Old Man says to look at the Prehistoric Era, the year 65000000 BC. Once the players head to that year, they appear in the Mystic Mountains. The Time Gate takes place high in the Mountain, the party falls, and find some Reptites, about to attack. After all the Reptites are killed, more appear. Then a cutscene shows a hot prehistoric lady that attacks most of the Reptites, then when the cutscene is over, you must fight the rest of the Reptites. Then the lady grabs Crono, then smiles, and tells him he is strong. Pick a name for the girl, but lets call her by her real name: Ayla. She lets go of Crono, and they tell her they need to find the Dreamstone, Ayla says there is stone everywhere you see.

Note: They probably didn't name the Dreamstone in this era.

Ayla offers to take Crono, and the others to Ioka Village for a party. On the way, you'll fight some monsters on the way out of Mystic Mountains. You'll fight Crested Sprinters, and Kilwalas. When you get to the Village, find Ayla, and prepare for the late night party. Before the party starts, Ayla introduces Crono and the other party members. Time to par-tay! If Marle is in your group, she'll start dancing. If Lucca is in your group, she'll start eating and drinking. If Robo is in your group, he'll do nothing. Go ahead, and talk to the other members of the Village. If you see a guy named Kino, he is confused, because of the reason why is Ayla giving a party to people she just met.

Note: If you go to the Prehistoric Era, before you need to find the Dreamstone, Ayla will be no where in sight, and the Villagers (including Kino) would find you weird.

If Crono talks to Ayla, she'll tell Crono about the Reptites, Azala, Laruba Village, and Ioka Village. If you want the Dreamstone, Ayla has it, she'll challenge Crono to a drinking contest, of Skull Smash. If Crono wins, Ayla will give Crono her Dreamstone. Later on, a few hours later, Crono, and the group finds themselves laying on the ground. Why are footprints on the ground? Also, you just find out that the Gate Key is missing, without it, you'll be stuck in the Era forever. You'll need to find Ayla, she is sleeping in her hut. Then she wakes up, but her head really hurts from Skull Smash. One of the players tell Ayla about something important is missing. Ayla offers to help find it. Talk to the Villagers about what is going on.

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