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Career N/A
Age 23
Gender Female
Origin Guldove
World Home World
Height 5'5"
Weight 119 lbs
Build Muscular
Laterality N/A
Weapon Glove
Innate Element Likely Red

Tia is Orlha's sister in Chrono Cross. Her origins unknown, she was stated by Orlha to be her younger sister, born to the same family and separated in 1010 A.D. Her life an equal enigma, she fell into a coma around 1020 A.D. and could not be woken. Eventually, Orlha came with Serge and visited her; Tia mentioned that she was grateful to have finally met her sister, and noted that her spirit would always be with Orlha. She then passed on to death; Orlha lamented her fate, though Tia soon reappeared and comforted Orlha, allowing her to learn her final technique, SisterHoods. The technique summoned Tia to attack with Orlha in an offensive. Tia also gave Orlha her piece of the Sapphire Brooch, allowing it to become a Blue Brooch.

The divergence of the sisters in the two dimensions is based on which one remained in El Nido and which one went to the mainland. In Home World, Tia remained in Guldove with their mother while Orlha went to the mainland with their father. In Another World, it was Orlha who remained in Guldove with their father while Tia went to the mainland with their mother.


Of Portuguese origin, the name Tia means "aunt". Which dovetails with her peculiar relation with Orlha.