Toma Levine
Official artwork of Toma by Akira Toriyama.
Home Time Middle Ages
Home Area N/A
Family Toma XIII (Descendant)
Toma XIV (Descendant)
Gender Male

Toma Levine is a great explorer in Chrono Trigger. He is seen in the Middle Ages, mostly in bars. He poses as a "mythical explorer" and indeed he has seen and heard a lot of things. When you see him, he usually asks for you to buy him a drink. After you buy him a drink, he tells you a story about what is going on, although he may also say a few useful things if you refuse. The chief of Sandorino village hires him to locate the Rainbow Shell and pays him in advance, but he is seen later round the avern spending all his money. He knows that the shell is found in an island in the east but he has forgotten its name. You get later on in the Giant's Claw.

Toma dies on Sixth of Thirdmoon, 634 (March 6, 634) There is his grave seen in the West Cape of Choras in the Present. He has several descendants including Toma XIII and Toma the XIV.


  • Toma is seen in every Tavern or Bar in the Middle Ages.
  • His last name, Levine, is seen on his gravestone.
  • Toma XIV, a figure seen in Chrono Cross, the sequel of Chrono Trigger, plays a minor yet important role in the game.
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