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Toma's Spirits (トマのさけ , Toma's sake?) (also known as Toma's Pop in the SNES/PS version) is a Key Item in Chrono Trigger. It is essential for The Rainbow Shell sidequest.


At the inn of Choras in the Middle Ages , Crono approaches Toma. The great explorer reveals he has discovered the location of the mythical Rainbow Shell and intends to acquire it. Because the cave houses dangerous foes, Toma leaves Crono with a bottle of his favorite spirit and asks him to dump the contents on his grave should he perish on his expedition. Crono agrees.

Traveling to the Present, the site of Toma's burial is found on the West Cape near Choras, indicating his search was unsuccessful. Dumping the contents of the bottle on the tombstone conjures the explorer's ghost. The ghost reveals Giant's Claw to be the location of the shell and asks the party to carry on the search in his name.


In the SNES/PS versions, the player is led to believe that the drink poured on Toma's Grave is actually soda, despite the fact that Toma is seen frequenting almost every tavern in the game in the Middle Ages. This was due to Nintendo of America's policy of not referencing alcohol, tobacco, or drugs in any of their games. This was not the case in the re-release, Chrono Trigger (DS), where the liquid poured on Toma's grave is clearly liquor. The Japanese translation for Toma's Spirits is Toma's Sake, sake being a popular alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin.

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