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Triple Kick
Chrono Trigger Triple Kick.png
Learned By Ayla
MP Cost 20
Element Type None
TP Req'd 1,000
Target One Enemy
Description Kick an enemy three times.
Double Techs Blaze Kick
Triple Techs Final Kick
Gatling Kick
3-D Attack
Poyozo Dance

Triple Kick is Ayla's seventh and final single Tech in Chrono Trigger. Arguably, this is Ayla's best single technique. This move is particularly effective against the Left Bit in the Lavos Core boss battle. Since that enemy has a high resistance to magic and low resistance to physical moves, this tech can strike it for large portions of damage, three times successively.


As the name implies, Ayla jumps into the air and blasts the enemy with three powerful kicks. The first two kicks are performed at side angles while the third is performed directly atop the enemy's head.